University of Bristol Student Information

Wessex Red bus services are operated by Wessex in partnership with the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol. The services whilst linking the main University sites with the City Centre provide a high quality, frequent and cost effective bus service for everyone.

Dates of full service

Certain journeys on the 16 service operate only on the dates listed below. These journeys are marked as “UoB” on timetables and at bus stops. All other services operate all year, except bank holidays.

University of Bristol Terms
Term 1: 1 October 2012 - 14 December 2012
Term 2: 11 January 2013 - 22 March 2013
Term 3: 22 April 2013 - 21 June 2013


How to obtain your Wessex Red bus pass

1st Year Undergraduate Students and Senior Residents in University allocated accommodation will receive a Three-Termly bus pass when they arrive at the University of Bristol.


Bus passes for sale to UWE Students and Staff

Two types of passes are available. Both save you money compared to cash. You can buy either:

A “pay-as-you-go” smartcard
Designed for the occasional passenger, just load up with credit and then use it on the bus instead of cash to buy single or dayrider tickets. This is quicker and cheaper than cash fares. Place your card on the reader, ask for your ticket, then remove your card and ticket.

You can also purchase a Smartcard on a 'Pay As You Go' basis from:
The Galleries,
25 Union Gallery,
Bristol BS1 3XD.

A Month, One Term, Three Term or Annual smartcard pass.

This gives you unlimited travel for the specified period on all Wessex Red routes. This is probably the best option if you’re going to be a regular traveler.

You just place your card on the reader on the bus, wait for a beep, then sit down.

Using smartcards helps keep our service punctual as less time is lost handling cash. Cash Tickets can also be purchased on-board the bus


Cost of bus passes

Ticket and pass prices are listed here under the Wessex Red tab.


UoBs Terms and Conditions of travel

1.    Replacements for lost passes will be charged at £5 each; available from The Hawthorns, UoB.
2.    Free replacements will be issued for damaged passes through general wear and tear (provided the ID number can be read clearly) from The Hawthorns, UoB.
3.    If the UoB finds that any passenger is travelling fraudulently - i.e., that they are using someone else's pass or have deliberately altered their pass (e.g., changing the ID number) the individuals concerned will face disciplinary actions and may have their passes revoked.
4.    Students must carry their Student ID card at all times when travelling on the Wessex Red network.
5.    Drivers have the right to refuse travel indefinitely to passengers who are considered to have acted improperly to UoB, UWE or Wessex employees. Complaints in this regard should be forwarded to UoB Sustainability Department in the first instance.
6.    Refunds will be issued only for purchased  annual, 3-term passes (not those included free within accommodation rents).  This will be at a rate of £5 per week remaining on the pass, minus a £5 administration charge.
– 3-term pass: refunds available only until 10 February  2012 for UoB staff/students.
– annual pass: refunds available only within 6 months of purchase.
7.    The Saville Road bus stop is in a residential area, so when using this bus stop please have respect for your neighbours – keep noise to a minimum and refrain from dropping litter.

These terms & conditions are in addition to Wessex Bus Conditions of Carriage.  In case of doubt, the above conditions prevail.



Where can I buy a smartcard?
Passes/Smartcards can be purchased at The Hawthorns, Woodland Road, UoB Precinct

The Hawthorns reception desk is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. The telephone number is 0117 954 5555.

What should I do if my smartcard has stopped working?

Smardcards that have stopped working through general wear and tear will be replaced by the Hawthorns Reception on Woodland Road. Smartcards that have been damaged on purpose, for example hole punched or snapped, can also be replaced, but there will be a £5 administration.

The Hawthorns reception desk is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. The telephone number is 0117 954 5555.

How do I replace a lost smartcard?
You should keep your smartcard safe at all times - it will probably work on the bus without even taking it out of your purse or wallet.

Lost Smartcards can be replaced but there is a £5.00 administration charge. The Hawthorns will be able to provide a replacement. 

The Hawthorns reception desk is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. The telephone number is 0117 954 5555.

Can I use the any other bus services with my bus pass?
A “pay-as-you-go” smartcard can be used on any Wessex services (except Night Flyer). Wessex Bus sell a “Liberty Smartcard” that can be used on all Wessex Services.

A Month, One Term, Three Term or Annual smartcard pass can be used on any of the Wessex Red services 

Students that have received a bus pass/smartcard with their accommodation can use any of the Wessex Red services for free.

How do I use the bus?    
Unlike in some other areas, if you want to catch the bus, don’t assume the driver will stop. Hold your hand out well before he reaches the stop so he knows you want to board. To tell the driver you want to get off, ring the bell on the bus.

Where is my nearest bus stop?

Travelling from the Stoke Bishop Halls of Residence to the Precinct:
There is a bus stop on Saville Road, at the end of Hollybush Lane.

Travelling from the UoB Precinct to the Stoke Bishop Halls of Residence:
There are three bus stops on the University Precinct; Elton Road and Woodland Road are in service Monday to Friday and Elton Road and Tyndall Park Road are in service on Saturdays and Sundays.

Travelling from Stoke Bishop Halls of Residence to the Students’ Union:
Alight at Queens Avenue (opposite the Bike UK store)

Travelling from the Students Union to the Stoke Bishop Halls of Residence:
Board on Triangle North (next to the Forbidden Planet store) Monday to Friday or Queens Avenue (opposite the Bike UK store)  on Saturdays and Sundays