Wessex Starcard

Welcome to this handy guide to your new Wessex Starcard...

The Wessex Starcard is really easy to use. This guide contains lots of information to help you understand how to get the most out of your new smart card.

The Wessex Starcard can replace your previous paper bus tickets and passes. Designed to make bus travel with Wessex Bus easier, the Starcard is re-useable so keep it safe. Just think of it as the Wessex Bus equivalent to the London Oyster® Travel Card!

How does Starcard work?

Step 1:
Choose which of the product types you would like to use now or in the future and we’ll load them onto your card.

Step 2:
Top-up one or more of the products by paying the appropriate amount either to us when you apply for your card or on board one of our buses.

Step 3:
Register your Wessex Starcard with us below. Once you have registered your card serial number with us, if you lose your card we can stop it being used. You will also receive Starcard product updates and special offers.

Step 4:
Using your card is easy. Whenever you hop on any Wessex Bus*, simply hold your card against the smart card reader on the ticket machine until it beeps then enjoy the ride!

What product types are available?
These are the different types of products that can be added to your Wessex Starcard.

E-purse / Stored Value
You can add credit to your Starcard on the bus. On Bus top-ups can be made in amounts of £10, £15 and £20. So now there is no need to scramble for change on individual trips!
E-Purse can be used to purchase Adult, Child and Student Single or Return tickets on any Wessex service*. (* Excludes 16).

All of our pass products are now available on Starcard; such as weekly and monthly passes and our university term products.

Your Smartcard pass is activated from the first time you use it on the bus. There are pass options available for both Bristol and Bath passes.

Passes can be topped up on bus^ or at selected Wessex sales outlets.
(^ for security reasons there is a transaction limit on on-bus purchases that means it is not possible to renew a pass that has more than one month duration).

What should I do if I lose or damage my Starcard?
Contact our Customer Services department, advise them of the serial number of your card (this is printed on the back of the card and it is a good idea to write this down and keep the number safe). When you register your Starcard with us, we can stop it being used by anyone else if your card becomes lost or stolen.

For extra peace of mind we also offer full Pass Protection. Pass Protection is a once-off charge which provides added security to those purchasing Wessex StarCard passes. With pass protection lose your card on two occasions and we will replace it for you without further charges. Must be purchased at the same time as your pass. Please note if pass protection is purchased without a pass this will automatically generate a replacement pass order. To replace your Star Card without pass protection will cost £50.00.

Pass protection can be purchased here

Don’t forget to register your Wessex Starcard
• Added security in case your card is lost or stolen.
• Get product updates & special offers.
• Write down your serial number and keep it safe. You will need to give us this number should your card become lost or stolen.

Register your Starcard here