<![CDATA[Wessex Bus Group News]]> http://www.wessexbus.com/news.html <![CDATA[Important changes for Wessex Mobile App Customers]]> http://www.wessexbus.com/news/ImportantchangesforWessexMobileAppCustomers_691.html From Friday 24th August 2018, the Wessex Bus Mobile App facility will be withdrawn and M-tickets will no longer be accepted on Wessex Bus services.

If you are unable to use any unactivated M-tickets stored in your app wallet by this date, you will be entitled to a refund or an equivalent alternative ticket to replace your un-used M-ticket. 
In order to receive a refund or replacement ticket please follow these simple steps.

  • Please email comments@wessexbus.com
  • Please include your Full Name, Email Address and Mobile Number registered on your app account
  • Tell us what ticket(s) you have unactivated and if you would like a refund or replacement StarCard bus pass 

Please contact us NO LATER THAN Monday 20th August 2018 to request your refund.

Wessex Bus tickets are available on-board, and you can now purchase tickets upto the value of £30 with a contactless payment card or Apple / Android Pay on any Wessex or Wessex Star service. Wessex StarCard smart cards are also available from our head office, please visit www.wessexbus.com to find out how to apply for your StarCard and locations where you can top-up.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom on our M-tickets App and should you have any queries regarding the closure of the app, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Wessex M-ticket Refund / Replacements Terms and Conditions:

  • Partially activated tickets will not be replaced. If you have an unactivated ticket in your app wallet, that will not expire before Friday 24th August 2018, please do not activate now. Please contact us to replace or refund your ticket as soon as possible. 
  • Please contact us NO LATER THAN Monday 20th August 2018 with your request to ensure we are able to process your refund or replacement.
  • Any requests received after Monday 27th August 2018 will NOT be eligible for refund or replacement.
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<![CDATA[New Wessex Star Cards]]> http://www.wessexbus.com/news/NewWessexStarCards_688.html

We are pleased to announce that the new Wessex Star Card is nearly with us. Our new Star Card is is encoded with ITSO technology which allows you to top up with products and stored value which you can use onboard our vehicles. The card is also pre encoded with sQuid which will allow you to top up online and on bus.

Passengers that currently hold Wessex Star Cards with existing credit will be provided with a new Wessex Star card*, to do this please contact comments@wessexbus.com. Passengers that hold current Wessex Star Cards with exisiting credit should contact us no later than the 1st July 2018. Any requests that are made after this date will not be eligible for credit transfer or refund.

For passengers that do not have a Wessex Star Card we have teamed up with TravelWest who will allow you to purchase a TravelWest card which you can use like a Wessex Star Card. For further information https://buytickets.travelwest.info/

Passengers that travel on our Service 42 and are entitled to lower fares will need either a Wessex Star Card or TravelWest Card from 1st July.

*Customers that have requested refunds will not be provided with a new Star Card


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<![CDATA[Wessex Bus Star Cards]]> http://www.wessexbus.com/news/WessexBusStarCards_686.html We regret to inform that from Monday 21st all current Star Cards will not be accepted on our new ticket machines, we therefore request that all customers that hold cards with either products loaded or credit contact comments@wessexbus.com and we will process each situation accordingly. We were hoping that by now our new Star Cards would be delivered.

Passengers with Star cards will be given the opportunity to migrate their ticket to either the mobile app or have a new star card, the interim period will be supplied with a paper ticket. Passengers with stored value will be supplied with a new card with loaded credit.

We apologies for the inconvenience this causes our passengers.

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<![CDATA[Wessex Welcomes Contactless Payment]]> http://www.wessexbus.com/news/WessexWelcomesContactlessPayment_685.html Wessex Bus Invests in New Ticket Machines

We are proud to announce that from 21st May all our services in Bristol and Bath will be equipped with new ticketing machines. The machines will have the capability to accept contactless payments up to the value of £30. The new ticketing system will also allow us to improve real-time passenger information predictions at bus stops and allow us to see transactions in real time. 

In addition to this investment, we will also in June be launching our new Star Card, details of which will be released soon. 

Passengers that hold current Wessex Star Cards should contact comments@wessexbus.com and we will be happy to swap your card.

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<![CDATA[Bank Holiday Service Level]]> http://www.wessexbus.com/news/BankHolidayServiceLevel_684.html Wessex Bus Service Levels on 7th May and 28th May.

Saturday 5th May

Normal Saturday Service

Sunday 6th May

Normal Sunday Service

Monday 7th May

No Service

Saturday 26th May

Normal Saturday Service

Sunday 27th May

Normal Sunday Service

Monday 28th May

No Service

Thu, 03 May 2018 00:00:00 GMT http://www.wessexbus.com/news/BankHolidayServiceLevel_684.html
<![CDATA[Easter Family Day Ticket Promo]]> http://www.wessexbus.com/news/EasterFamilyDayTicketPromo_681.html ITS EASTER!

Our Family ticket is just £5 over the Easter Break so #makeitcount

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 00:00:00 GMT http://www.wessexbus.com/news/EasterFamilyDayTicketPromo_681.html
<![CDATA[Easter Service Schedule]]> http://www.wessexbus.com/news/EasterServiceSchedule_679.html Wessex Bus Service Levels between Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Thursday 13th April

Normal Service

Good Friday

Bristol - No Service
​Bath - No Service

Saturday 15th April

Normal Saturday Service

Easter Sunday

Normal Sunday Service

Easter Monday

Bristol - No Service
​Bath - No Service

Tuesday 3rd April

Normal service resumes


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<![CDATA[Winter Weather Service Disruptions]]> http://www.wessexbus.com/news/WinterWeatherServiceDisruptions_655.html Updated: 09:52 26/02/18

Wessex will undertake where possible full service. However throughout should, weather conditions worsen, we will keep you informed of any service disruptions and road closures via @wessexbus or via our website.

Should you have any questions about a particular service please telephone 0117 321 3190

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<![CDATA[Revised Service 51 Timetable ]]> http://www.wessexbus.com/news/RevisedService51Timetable_666.html We regret to inform our passengers that from the 29th January 2018, the service 51 will reduced to every 30 minutes on Saturdays. For more information a copy of the new timetable please click here. The weekday service will remain the same and is unchanged.

Tue, 02 Jan 2018 00:00:00 GMT http://www.wessexbus.com/news/RevisedService51Timetable_666.html
<![CDATA[Revised Fares January 2018]]> http://www.wessexbus.com/news/RevisedFaresJanuary2018_664.html

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 00:00:00 GMT http://www.wessexbus.com/news/RevisedFaresJanuary2018_664.html