506 Outbound
Southmead Hospital to Create Centre
via Horfield, Eastville Park, Easton, The Dings, Broadmead, Templemeads and General Hospital

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SOUTHMEAD Hospital072007590830085509250946101510451115114512151245131513451415
Horfield Common, Muller Road Top072708100840090309310952102110511121115112211251132113511421
Eastville, Boswell Street073708280853091209401000102910591129115912291259132913591429
Easton, Bellevue Road073908310856091409421002103111011131120112311301133114011431
The Dings, Day's Road075208430906092409521011104111111141121112411311134114111441
Old Market Street075608470909092709551014104311131143121312431313134314131443
Broadmead, Broad Weir075908500912093009581017104611161146121612461316134614161446
Temple Meads Station (Stop Ta)080608570919093610031022105211221152122212521322135214221452
Redcliffe, Ship Lane080909000922093910061025105611261156122612561326135614261456
Harbour, ss Great Britain   094410101029110011301200123013001330140014301500
Seaton Road, Create Centre081909100932095010151034110411341204123413041334140414341504
SOUTHMEAD Hospital144515151550162016501735181018251850
Horfield Common, Muller Road Top145115231558162816581743181718301855
Eastville, Boswell Street150115351614164617161753182618391904
Easton, Bellevue Road150415381617165017201756182918411907
The Dings, Day's Road151415481627170217321806183818491915
Old Market Street151715511630170517351809184118521918
Broadmead, Broad Weir151915531632170717371811184318541920
Temple Meads Station (Stop Ta)152516011641171717471816184818591925
Redcliffe, Ship Lane152816041644172017501819185119021928
Harbour, ss Great Britain1533        
Seaton Road, Create Centre153716131655173118011828190019101936

506 Service 506 Diversion 4th August - 29th August
During most of August, Horton Street and New Kingsley Road will be closed to enable construction of traffic calming measures. Whilst this work takes place, journeys from the Create Centre towards Southmead Hospital will be unable to use bus stop Of on Temple Way (where the Evening Post building used to be) or the stop on Avon Street. The 506 will be diverted and will resume the usual route in Midland Road after the junction with New Kingsley Road.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused whilst this diversion is in operation. Please note that journeys in the opposite direction, from Southmead Hospital to the Create Centre are unaffected by this diversion.