51 Inbound
South Bristol Hospital to Broadmead
via Hengrove, Broadwalk & Temple Meads Station

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Timetable valid until Sunday 28th January 2018

Service No515151515151515151515151515151
Hengrove Park, South Bristol Hospital063007000730080008300900091509300945100010151030104511001115
Hengrove, Loxton Square064107110741081108410911092609410956101110261041105611111126
Knowle, Broad Walk Shops (Stop E)065007200750082008500920093509501005102010351050110511201135
Temple Gate, Reckless Engineer (Stop Tj)070007300800083009000930094510001015103010451100111511301145
Broadmead, Union Street071107410811084109110941095610111026104110561111112611411156
Service No515151515151515151515151515151
Hengrove Park, South Bristol Hospital113011451200121512301245130013151330134514001415143014451500
Hengrove, Loxton Square114111561211122612411256131113261341135614111426144114561511
Knowle, Broad Walk Shops (Stop E)115012051220123512501305132013351350140514201435145015051520
Temple Gate, Reckless Engineer (Stop Tj)120012151230124513001315133013451400141514301445150015151530
Broadmead, Union Street121112261241125613111326134113561411142614411456151115261541
Service No515151515151515151515151515151
Hengrove Park, South Bristol Hospital152015401600162016401700172017401800182018401900193020002030
Hengrove, Loxton Square153115511611163116511711173117511811183118511911193920092039
Knowle, Broad Walk Shops (Stop E)154016001620164017001720174018001820184019001920194820182048
Temple Gate, Reckless Engineer (Stop Tj)155016101630165017101730175018101830185019101930195820282058
Broadmead, Union Street160116211641170117211741180118211841190119211941200920392109
Service No51515151
Hengrove Park, South Bristol Hospital2100213022002230
Hengrove, Loxton Square2109213922092239
Knowle, Broad Walk Shops (Stop E)2118214822182248
Temple Gate, Reckless Engineer (Stop Tj)2128215822282258
Broadmead, Union Street2139220922392309

51 51 Diversion 12th January - 4th February
Please be advised that from Monday 15th January for a minimum of at least 3 weeks, there will be no access to Victoria Street from the Temple Circus Gyratory Roundabout in the INBOUND (towards City Centre) direction. This is in connection with drainage works that are being carried out as part of the ongoing Temple Circus works.

Whilst this diversion is in place 51 will divert between Temple Circus Gyratory Roundabout and Union Street via Temple Way, Old Market Roundabout, Castle Street, Lower Castle Street, Broad Weir and Newgate.

Drivers will use all recognised stops on the diversion route. Passengers travelling from Victoria Street (Tu) should use Temple Way (Tl).