51 Outbound
South Bristol Hospital to Broadmead
via Hengrove, Broadwalk & Temple Meads Station

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Timetable valid until Sunday 28th January 2018

Service No515151515151515151515151515151
Broadmead, Union Street071507450815084509150945100010151030104511001115113011451200
Temple Gate, Temple Meads (Stop Tf)072307530823085309230953100810231038105311081123113811531208
Knowle, Broad Walk Shops (Stop W)073208020832090209321002101710321047110211171132114712021217
Hengrove, Loxton Square074308130843091309431013102810431058111311281143115812131228
Hengrove Park, South Bristol Hospital075508250855092509551025104010551110112511401155121012251240
Service No515151515151515151515151515151
Broadmead, Union Street121512301245130013151330134514001415143014451500151515301545
Temple Gate, Temple Meads (Stop Tf)122312381253130813231338135314081423143814531508152315381553
Knowle, Broad Walk Shops (Stop W)123212471302131713321347140214171432144715021517153215471602
Hengrove, Loxton Square124312581313132813431358141314281443145815131528154315581613
Hengrove Park, South Bristol Hospital125513101325134013551410142514401455151015251540155516101625
Service No515151515151515151515151515151
Broadmead, Union Street160516251645170517251745180518251845190519251945201320432113
Temple Gate, Temple Meads (Stop Tf)161316331653171317331753181318331853191319331953202120512121
Knowle, Broad Walk Shops (Stop W)162216421702172217421802182218421902192219422002203021002130
Hengrove, Loxton Square163316531713173317531813183318531913193319532013203921092139
Hengrove Park, South Bristol Hospital164517051725174518051825184519051925194520052025204721172147
Service No51515151
Broadmead, Union Street2143221322432313
Temple Gate, Temple Meads (Stop Tf)2151222122512321
Knowle, Broad Walk Shops (Stop W)2200223023002330
Hengrove, Loxton Square2209223923092339
Hengrove Park, South Bristol Hospital2217224723172347

51 51 Diversion 12th January - 4th February
Please be advised that from Monday 15th January for a minimum of at least 3 weeks, there will be no access to Victoria Street from the Temple Circus Gyratory Roundabout in the INBOUND (towards City Centre) direction. This is in connection with drainage works that are being carried out as part of the ongoing Temple Circus works.

Whilst this diversion is in place 51 will divert between Temple Circus Gyratory Roundabout and Union Street via Temple Way, Old Market Roundabout, Castle Street, Lower Castle Street, Broad Weir and Newgate.

Drivers will use all recognised stops on the diversion route. Passengers travelling from Victoria Street (Tu) should use Temple Way (Tl).